Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life is a Waste?

I am reading for the second time a book I have read years ago, THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN by Mitch Albom. During the first part where Eddie, the main character met the first people in heaven (the blue man), he blurted that his life is a waste. And the blue man said "The only time we waste is the time thinking that we are alone". A very strong point and inspiring set of words to start our day. 

Most of the time, we feel sad. We feel at one point of our life that because we dont have what other people have, like cars, houses, boyfriends and other stuff, we think we are alone. We think that because other friends, colleagues or acquaintance of the same age as ours already have several achievements in life and has established their own names in their industries, we are inferior. And us, we are still where we started, we think that we are not moving forward, we are wasting our lives. And from this, we are being dragged to a corner of loneliness, we self pity, we feel we are alone.

But on top of all of this weakening emotions, we should not forget that our Creator never leaves us, He never does. We just need to acknowledge His love and allow Him to work on us. Let us claim that happiness is not from the material things, relationships, achievements that we dont have. Realize that being alone is same as letting the darkness drag us to the unwanted side. Let us see the friends we have, our family. Count our blessings and put a smile on your face as you do so.

Happiness is the Love of God, His creations, His words. Being intimately in love with the most magnificent is the most extreme happiness one can ever feel. How can I say this? Because I experienced this. The world may turn its back on me but never will I feel that I'm alone because God is in me.

Have a great day!

[Written Sept. 18, 2010]


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