Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I knew it was NOT going to be just my "usual" Sunday. Not simply because it's 10-10-10, which is the date I was suppose to get married (but thank God im still Single and loving it Ü), and not because it is the nationwide run to clean the Pasig River and to break the world record but there's something more than all of these things.

I woke up early because I wasnt able to sleep well (thinking of someone? or something?). Got myself ready (just like when someone prepares for a grand get-together), prepared everything I need. Wore the white shirt which my parents will also be wearing. Grabbed my pink necklace to break the monotony and bring a little color to my plainness. Fix myself a little and voila! I was ready to go.

I was energized even without breakfast. The cells of my body are in their battle mode and I can feel the perkiness of all the molecules composing my system. Why is that?

When we get there, it wasn't a culture shock to see the place where our hearts and faith dragged us to go. I've seen the scenario before. It is plainly reality biting to me, again. I was in a s0-s0 mode if these group, these people, will be able to pour their emotions out and bare themselves to accept the most precious gift they can ever receive.

As time passed, the excitement in me increased. The music, the songs, the dance charged me more. My worries were erased as I see the eagerness in each of the participant's faces. The temperature, the humidity, the smell, the sweat that lingers in our skins were never a hindrance to our reason of being there. What we only feel is the strongest power of all, the power of the Holy Spirit working in each and everyone of us.

From the community members' anointing until the baptism, I felt how God moves in remarkable ways!

It is true and I'm so confident to tell the world that the creator is powerful. He is God. Because when I faced Him, all the weariness in me dissolved, all the strengths melted down. My own protective shield switched off because the strongest shield of all created by the Mighty Creator covered and embraced me. The feeling of being in His hands was felt.

I know it wasn't just me who experienced this miracle but all my brothers and sisters in that same place. It was indeed a remarkable day. The smiles on our faces, the hopes in our hearts, the forgivenes, a new life, the happiness of being and belonging to God is all over that little chapel. God's love made us glow that day, and that brilliance was sustained until the day after that.

The Life in the Spirit Seminar changed those Eves and everytime I attend one, it never fails to touch me and change me more to being a child of God.

Up to now, I can still feel God's overflowing love for me. I'm hoping it's always Thursday (so that I'll be with the community) and that it is already November 27 and 28, because I cant wait anymore to see another batch of answer-seeking faces enter Padre Pio Chapel and see them went out on the second day with the radiance and happiness brought about by God's love.

I'm confident of God's existence. I trust Him with my life. And I will always believe in Him and in His miracles.

To God be the Glory, Amen.

[Written Oct. 13, 2010 at 3:31 PM]

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