Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Fruit of Being IN-LOVE with HIM

I'm thankful to God and on how He changed me.

I was able to smile in spite of mountains and storms; and enjoy the sunlight and rain drops in a way I delight in seeing a rainbow in the sky --a different level of euphoria.

I can shout for joy for His love and His glory  and dance with grace and style that can only come from Him, our Majesty.

I'm on guard of my words, my actions, my thoughts and my character for I dont want to fail Him after accepting me again;
and on guard of my heart because I dont want it to break it again for this heart is my Lord's.

My fingers arent crossed when Im asking for something--my hands, they are placed together, close to my my heart in prayer, or outstretched over my head towards the heavens in surrender. Fiat voluntas tua.

I love our God and I know and I feel He loves me so much more.

That's why I made this promise: This ring on my finger does not mean I am engaged to a mortal. It means I am keeping my promise to God that I will take care of everything He has given me including myself.
I'll give myself to that one person who'll face the altar and honor God's goodness and power. And I will share my life to this person  who'll prove his love to me in a matrimonial ceremony.

Im so much overflowing with the love for you My Lord. And all I want to do is share it to others, proclaim how good and powerful you are.

                Let's fall in love with Him and stay in that love every days of our lives. Because when you are in love with the Lord, it is never hard to love thy neighbors. Life will never be hard, because no matter how rough the road is, Life will always and is always a precious gift and a blessing.

Enjoy your weekend. May God be with us all.

[Written Dec. 11, 2010 at 7:56PM]

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