Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shadow of your Wings

I believe that I will always be okay when I am in the shadow of your wings...

Thank you Lord!

Lakeside-made Loveletter

[No matter where I am in my life, though I am completely happy with what I am, with the blessing I am receiving, with the people around me, I can't help but sometimes feel sad because I am missing someone who [has been/is still/I would want to be] part of my life. 

When I reread this soon, I'll just smile at myself for being a matured woman with bits of pieces of young, emo, and sensitive heart. Ü

Below is the raw letter I wrote in my phone for this one person I can't forget. Or should I say I do not want to forget. Someone who is still important to me...Someone who I wish could be mine...]

Club Balai Isabel
April 11, 2012

Dear You,

Hi. It's been a while. How's your life there? You enjoying?
I am in my mood na super namimiss na kita.. baka dahil sa ganda ng lugar na kinaroroonan ko ngayon..lake Taal.

Two years kana jan.. Uuwi ka na? Hay.. Namiss lang kita... Bigla lang sumagi sa isip ko na oras na para umuwi ka..2yrs eh..if hindi, ok lang. tapos naisip ko from my emo mind na lahat nmn ng umiiwan saken di bumabalik. stupid and negative mindset. i hate it when i am in this kind of mood.
pero i am not losing hope..honestly i really am not losing babalik we'll be together again. na we'll make our dreams come true.
Pero sympre bago mtupad to dapat ung 'our', ung 'we', ung 'tayo' ay maibalik..hay..pede pa kaya?
my worries are:

(1) baka may iba kana..committed to someone else already..anjan kaya d mo maiwan
(2) bka you are over me na 
(3) you dont love me na..
Dami ko concerns..di na kasi tayo nguusap masyado..i miss communicating wd you..i miss knowing more about you..i miss dreaming with you..

i dont know nga kung ok lng to pero alam mo, khit yaw mo or hindi,kahit pwde or hindi, naiisip ko at naniniwala prin ako na mahal mo parin may chance babalik ka for me. na you'll be that mine il spend the rest of my life with..hay.. emo mode ako!! kasi _____ mahal pa rin kita eh.. i have asked myself over and over again pero un..ikaw prin eh..hay..

let's get back together..please be mine again..


[And there I was yesterday, In my emotional side. And today? I don't know. Everyday changes. Everyday brings a new mood.

Carpe diem!]