Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Valentine's Day 2012

I think this is the best day to write about a talk I was asked to do (and I am way too delayed based on the submission date I was asked to forward this), a talk on God's love. But I am so filled with the cheesy sweet nothings flooding the social networking world. Probably I'll indulge myself in this cheesiness first. haha!

This day is just like any extraordinarily ordinary day. 
I woke up earlier than expected (because I am avoiding this pervert guy who looks at me whenever we ride the same jeepney. Leaving earlier means there is littlest chance I'll ride the same jeep with him!).
Sky seems better compared yesterday. The street is dry, the weather is cool and uhmm, relaxing. 
There is no traffic (or am I just concentrating much on sleeping during my work-bound ride?)
My morning routine started: breakfast, coffee, chat with my office mates. This time, I did not open my Facebook yet.
When it was 10 minutes to eight, I switched my computer alive, logged in to FB and poof! Notification that he (yes, he, is my special someone. my 'unofficially mine') sent me a message 30 minutes ago! arrgh! Why didn't I log in earlier? waahh!
Anyway, those messages from him is more than enough for me to have an extraordinaire valentines day. The messages were simple yet the impact is indescribable. He just confirmed the feeling is still mutual. ♥

A little while later, when I was sure he is already asleep (different time zone baby), I started listening to the songs of the late Whitney Houston. From Saving all my love for you to Where do broken hearts go to Run to you. I don't know but when RUN TO YOU started playing while I was looking at awesome, jaw-dropping scenic views of the world and all God's creation, with scriptures written intricately on each pictures, I think I wanted to cry! God is really wonderful. Even though I don't have a date today, He made me feel through that simple thing I did, that HE is my DATE forever. Ü

And now, I am playing Kenny G's Silhouette (thanks to YouTube coz I dont know where my dad placed his CD), for the nth time now. Lovely music! Soothing, relaxing. Makes me want to fall in love more. And it's being simply special helped me in finishing my report for today. Ü

Now that I have given color to my lips (red, it is) as I prepare for lunch (with my officemates of course), I'll leave the computer a bit, and continue my blog later. :) mangan! Ü

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