Friday, June 8, 2012

Dumped: Overcoming a Breakup

This morning, my good friend called my attention to tell me she sent me a mail and that I should open it at once (bossy as she is).

Subject is a plain smiley face like this ---> :) 

When I clicked on it and read the title, I said, "Why do you have to let me read it? I'm done with my break-up, I overcome it already, this is for someone who is still having a hard time realizing this!" 

And my ever calm office mate/friend just smiled (yeah, typical of her to do that).
Alright, I know what that smile means. She wants me to read it, NO MATTER WHAT. Okay, okay, hands up! I clicked on the link and started reading it. 

The items the author listed are facts. Facts I have realized and have to apply and watch out for in my relationship in the future. 
And the ultimate fact that I am so thankful that I realized: GOD LOVES ME. He loves me so much to do things for my good. The time (Ec 3:1) for me to be His child. 

My office mate then came to me while I was reading it and said "Nice, right?" and I smiled. :)

I have decided to share this in Facebook, in Twitter, and here in my blog.

I am sharing this because I feel those who are currently on this stage of their relationship. I was once there. 
It was hard, it was mind-boggling, heart-gripping and life-freezing. But the answer is lingering around us all throughout this episode. It is just waiting to be recognized. The Word. Jesus Christ. God's Love.

The Almighty explains things we cannot explain. And leaning on to Him is more than enough, because HE is GOD.

Friends, do not rush things. All, in GOD's time, will fall to its proper places. 

To God be the Glory.