Friday, June 22, 2012

Are you back?

God, being my only inspiration, in times that I am down, in times that I feel that I am unworthy of His love, is an effective way to realize once again that I was sealed by the most precious blood of His Son, and I am a wonderful child in His loving eyes. 

Paanong di kita ibigin? paanong di ka patawarin? 
Bago ka isilang sa lupa, ika'y Akin nang inaruga. 

If the Almighty utters these words to you, what would you feel? Me, I will feel so blessed and I would  stand in awe of Him, of His mercy and constant love. Of His endless and immeasurable understanding and care. 

Paanong Ako'y iyong lisanin, paanong Ako'y iyong limutin? 
Gayon man, poot papawiin. Ang iyong pagbalik, hihintayin. 

In my past life as a sinner, many times, I have been away from Him. In my life now, as a renewed Christian, I magnify and bless the Lord for changing me little by little and gradually bringing me back to His love. How wonderful that He is very patient with me. In many times I would go away and go back to him wounded and broken, His joy that I am back will welcome me and He will ask no questions but heal my wounds and bathe me in His everlasting love. 

Sa bawat pagtawag Ko sa iyo, 
sa Bawat hakbang mong palayo, nananangis tong yaring puso. 

Yes, we make God sad every time we forget to even say "Hi" to Him in times that we are so busy of our worldly life, we don't even care to say "thank you" for the air we breath every day, and every answer of "No!" in times He is asking us to sit with Him and enjoy the goodness of a life immersed in His love.

Hangad pa rin, ang tinig mo...

Who can accept a person in spite of his shortcoming? Who would allow a garbage inside his clean home? Only GOD would embrace such thing for He believes that all His creations are beautiful. That all has worth. That whatever it looks like or no matter how deformed it is, it is still a priceless possession. 

Yes, you are a priceless possession of the Mighty Creator. Just call Him and He will listen and be with you with all the love He has. 

Bask in His love. It is the best thing on Earth.  ♥

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