Monday, July 1, 2013

Message Loud and Clear

Depending on the VOHS (Voice of the Holy Spirit) calendar, there will be around one to two LSS (Life in the Spirit Seminar) held in a year. 

VOHS is my Catholic charismatic prayer community for more than three years now. The lay people call communities like this as "Alive, Alive" because people who attend these groups raise their hands, dance and usually sing the song "Alive, alive, alive forevermore" thus the name "Alive, Alive". But for me, it is not offending at all because in there, we are really alive in the Word of the Lord and in the Spirit of God. 

LSS is the activity we do to fish men, to share to them the care other people gave us, those people who invited us to know God deeper and actively serve Him. We intend to share with them how bountiful and real God's love is. 

Last June 22 and 23 was the first LSS for the year held in Manila (we also do LSS in Cavite and Marinduque). Thought the week has been really toxic for me because of gazillion jobs I attended to after a 4-day leave, still I have to do my part on the LSS, to do the talk on God's Love. (I wont give the details on this blog though. I want you to experience it by yourself. You may contact me for details)

Anyway, my talk went well through the guidance of the Lord. He put the proper words into my mouth to be able to share to the group He has called how loving He is. How true His words are, how deep his affection is for each of His people. 

God's called people in the St. Filomena and Padre Pio Chapel 
I knew God has used me well when I saw the eyes of my brothers and sisters with tears building, then falling. Initially they were looking at me and later on they looked where they should be looking, the Cross. Then I felt they are already talking to God, to Jesus. Then I lead them in prayer. 

After this, I just smiled and praised God. I am just an instrument, a mouthpiece. All that happens is His will, His plan. I am excited to do this again and again and again. 

Many times I have attended the LSS but this is the first time God gave me this message of truth and assurance that I am His child. I am His Stacy.

"Nothing you confess can make me love you less" ~God's Love

"I gave up the love of my son for your Love" ~Salvation 

"I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness" ~New Life

"I will listen to your songs of praise forever" ~Praise and Worship

"The gift I have given is for the purpose you were made for" ~Receiving God's Gift

"Receive the Holy Spirit and be renewed" ~Baptism of the Holy Spirit

"You are a seed thrown in good soil" ~Growth

"Your heart of stone is now a heart of flesh" ~Transformation

May you always feel and be filled with the Love of God. This is my prayer through Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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