Friday, May 11, 2012

Would I be, now that I have you?

I was asking myself (not regularly) if after my heart break (a long relationship it was) I would be able to love again (human love, God's love is given and I know I love God and He loves me)?

I think I am not yet ready. I have been through so much. Yes, it was hard to pick my broken pieces up, stand and face the world and move on. I needed The Divine, His grace, for me to be able to totally accept it and live the happy and contented life I have now.

Questions like You have a boyfriend? Why not? and When are you getting married? are everywhere! I am not pressured, really. And I don't intend to rush. I know God has plans for me. :)

FALLING IN LOVE is the word I would use for God alone. I did not plan it. IT JUST HAPPENED. It was His grace. He chose me. And when I allowed myself to bask in that love, I felt that it is indeed the best thing I have ever done, and will continue to do, for myself.

And then I came across this wonderful song sang by a very talented group, The Madrigal Singers.

I was indeed WOWed! It was playing over and over again as my background while working and I like it. I take this as the answer to my question, Will I be able to love again? God says "Yes!"

God has prepared for me that song that I'll be singing my whole life through. That song is just around. In God's perfect time, he'll just come by and the rest will be history. ♥

                                                      The BEST relationship, EVER! 

This time, this desire to be in love again is fantasy no more. It is God-given. And I will share His love to somebody who will be my husband and my partner is sharing His goodness to the world. For now, my heart belongs to Jesus alone. But my God is not selfish. You (yes You, my future husband), when you come into my life, Jesus will be more than welcome to share me to you. And I am so excited to see you and meet you. :)


  1. That's right! In God's time, we'll find the right guy who will love us the way we deserve to be loved!