Monday, January 30, 2012

*Cricket, crickets*

I don't know for how many months now since I stopped doing this -- writing notes of love for human. 
Lately, I've been doing lots of expression of love for my God. But for my same kind? I dont know. It's as if I cant, or I'd rather not do it. 

Right now, I am aware that I have already healed the bone-deep wound my last relationship brought me. I am done with the denial part. I have pushed my way to acceptance and forgiveness followed as smooth and natural as inhaling a breath of fresh air in the morning. Yet I don't know where the uneasiness of engaging into 'a relationship' is coming from. Weird isn't it?

Crickets are all around my mind while I think about what is wrong, or why is it I don't want or when am I ready?

I don't intend to rush things.... and I am puzzled.. I'll just let this be, for now....

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