Sunday, January 12, 2014

I entered a contest second quarter last year where the participant has to write a letter to God. My goal then was not winning, but being able to share what God is in me through this letter.
I may be an amateur in writing but I know God sees this as a masterpiece in front of His eyes.

Here is the letter I made. Enjoy reading. ♥♥♥

Dear Father,

In awe and reverence I bow down to You
The faithful shepherd who found me when I was lost.
In the darkness where I cannot see
You are the light that guided me.

When trouble comes, I called and I’m saved
When I raise my hand in prayer, I’m blessed
My soul will feast and be satisfied
And will sing glad songs of praise to You

The world will break my heart
But You will stitch it anew
My songs will be out of tune
But Your melody will continue.

Use me as Your mouthpiece, I willingly abide
Guide me in leading your people to Your side.
May prosperity last as long as a new day shines
and every time I praise and lift Your name on High.
Listen Lord as I shout with mighty roar
As I proclaim who You are in me.

God, my symphony
Yes Father, You are my symphony
Lord, You are The Symphony
You bring symphony to my life.

Father, make me worthy to be Your servant
Cleanse me and make me as white as snow
Make me a vessel of Your immeasurable love
I am yours my Majesty, my King, my God.

And when the day comes that my time is up
Bring me to the place where the language is LOVE
The end goal of life, but an eternal beginning
A place once a dream but with You it is real.

Father hold my hand, never let me go. 
Fiat Voluntas Tua, Your will be done on me
That is my prayer to You my Lord
I am Yours, I am only for You, I trust You and I love You.

Your Servant, Your Friend, Your Child, 


  1. Beautiful poem sis! :) it expresses so much of your desire to serve. ;)

  2. thanks sis :) we'll never get tired of expressing our love for tje Lord, right? :)